Body and Soul Festival 2017

I was invited to perform at B&S festival 2017 with DJ Nigel Wood. We do a thing where we listen tot a lot of music together, choose an hour worth of trance inducing, ferocious ethnic sounds and use them for a live performance. During this, I move for an un interrupted hour while drawing with two hands on a large sheet of paper. The resulting drawing is a record of movement and sound that induced it. While in the past the choreographic parameters I had set myself limited me to arm movements, for B&S I decided to be free moving. I also used UV markers and UV light, to draw with light. It was the end of the solstice and I decided to ritualise the performance, to use burning of sage and marking of directions, use of skulls and power objects. This brings into the performative arena the meditative practices that occur spontaneously in my life. The whole thing was incredibly well received and people gave me great and very warm feedback, and kisses!