The Enlightened Body...My BA thesis

National College of Art and Design
Faculty of Fine Art
department of Painting
The Enlightened Body : Art of Embodiment in a Time of Change
Paola Catizone
Submitted to the Faculty of Visual Culture in Candidacy for the degree of Bachelor of Fine Art
Year of submission: 2012

National College of Art and Design

Faculty of Visual Culture

I declare that this thesis is all my work and that all sources have been fully acknowledged.

Date: 08-02-2012

I would like to thank Declan Long, my tutor, for his inspiring guidance and for his patience.



Chapter One: The Viewpoint of the Body, a theoretical background.
I) Michel Foucault
II) James Hillman:The Imaginal Body
J.K. Gibson-Graham. Embodying Community

Chapter Two: Meditative Arts
Embodiment and Meditation
Contemporary Art and Embodied Awareness-The body as artistic medium.
Five (2003)

Conclusion: From Individualism to Inter-Connectedness.

Word count: 11,338


p 38 Rikrit Tiravanija’s House. The Land Foundation, Chiang Mai. Thailand.
p 40 Still from Five, Abbas Kiarostammi, 2003.
p 43 Still from Five, Abbas Kiarostami, 2003.